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SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription services allows the customer to stream over 140+ satellite radio channels to either any computer, tablet, smart phone or internet radio devices. Basically the subscription allows the user to stream live audio to their devices rather than pre-recorded songs like other audio services on-line.  The service offers commercial free music from every genre available, has play by play sports, and even news and entertainment. That's a lot of entertainment for the nominal price Sirius XM charges. Packages The all access package allows a customer to have 165+ channels, with 72 commercial free music channels, 11+ sports talk/play-by-play channels, 22 talk and entertainment, 9 comedy, 15 news and issues, 9 traffic and weather, 18 Latin, and 14+ other channels.  What makes the service great is that you can listen to it anywhere, regardless of whether you are at your business, on a boat or in your car. Features The SiriusXM Internet Radio Service offers a lot of different features including the ability to personalize their listening experience by using the feature MySXM which allows users to pick and choose what they want to listen to. There are channel specific sliders that allow users to tweak the library depth, music style, tempo of music they want, region and so on. So as an example, if you wanted 90’s music, your results would be different depending on what tempo you put in, what region you wanted the music from and what year range you wanted to hear from.  In addition to this, the TuneStart feature makes finding music and listening to a song from the start marvelous. With the TuneStart feature, a customer doesn’t have to worry about hitting the middle of one of their favourite songs and not being able to hear it from start to finish. When you decide to channel hop through the satellite channels, TuneStart will kick in and will automatically play the song from the beginning of the track. Start Now The Start Now feature allows you use catch a chunk of programming therefore allowing the customer to capture and turn back the programming that you have missed. This is up to 5 hours maximum, and by using this feature you can replay the morning commute news or the morning show you may have missed earlier on. You can also pause and rewind live radio with a five minute buffer as well. Search Box The search box allows users to search for a particular artist or song. The search box will bring back any songs that are playing for a particular search from across the network. But since the radio is live, if the content is not playing across the network then the search will bring back no results. The Bottom Line Overall the features that SiriusXM offers are far superior to today’s bland radio talk shows and repeated music that hits the air every hour. If you’re looking for a personalized music listening experience, then SiriusXM can offer you that. It's modern technology at its finest. The Editors

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If you are driving one of the tens of millions of cars out there with inactive satellite radio receivers, Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI  ) wants to give you a treat. It's turning on those receivers, making 60 channels available for free through June 2. The preview channels are mostly its popular commercial-free music stations, but there is also a handful of sports, entertainment, and talk content to convey a real taste of what's available on premium radio. To be fair, this isn't exactly news. Sirius XM kicked off the preview on May 20. This also isn't the first time that the media giant turns dormant receivers on for two weeks. It ran this promotional stunt four months ago. Shorter previews have been common in previous years. From The Motley Fool

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