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dishNET Satellite Internet Service DishNet satellite internet service provides customers with an internet connection that requires no logging in and out, has instant connection, and boasts a 4G network that allows you to instantly upload and download files. DishNet is faster than dialup and faster than DSL internet choices and comes compatible with both PC and Mac. Now you can download music files and graphic files in a matter of seconds, instead of the hours it takes with dialup service. There is no software to install so setup is a breeze and it comes with affordable pricing. Benefits There are many perks to having satellite internet and the features from dishNET include: an always on connection so you don't have to turn on your computer and login evey time you want to use the Internet, fast surfing so you don't have to wait to access your favorite websites, fast downloads with a separate internet connection, multiple e-mail addresses so you and your family can have their own email address, compatibility with Mac and PC, great customer service, and affordability.  They offer 24/7 technical support, and by using the service you are able to take calls while being on-line through the internet.  No more waiting around for whoever is using the phone to hang up before you can get online. Plans dishNET has multiple plans that you can look into, and also has a fast download speed (up to 10Mbps) and a fast upload speed (up to 2Mbps).  If you are looking for an internet service that provides you with a lot of data to use, then you can get up to 15GB anytime and an additional 15GB of bonus data with certain plans. Bundling dishNET specializes in offering their satellite internet service to those who cannot get fixed internet lines out to their homes in rural areas. The satellite internet service uses multiple Dish, Echostar, and ViaSat satellites in order to deliver a fast signal. DishNET is offered by the Dish Network, and can be bundled with your television services if you are looking to get even more affordable bundles for multiple services. That way you not only get the best price on satellite Internet service, you also get the convenience of having only one bill and one company to deal with. Bottom Line The convenience of getting this service is that it offers 5Mbps to 15Mbps of speed on a 4G network that is accessible to those who cannot receive fixed internet. You can bundle it with television services, and not have to worry about constant loss of connection due to network errors because the signal is coming from multiple satellites. The company states that this service runs about 50% faster than what you would find in an American home for internet speed. All in all, if you can't get cable or DSL Internet service dishNet is the best and cheapest way to get high speed Internet service. The Editors

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Dish will soon launch an internet- based TV service aimed at attracting those consumers who are fed up with traditional pay TV, said the company's GM of Interactive and Advanced TV Adam Lowy at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco on 11 June, reported Gigaom. "Cord cutters, cord nevers and what we call cord haters" will be the target audience of the new service, said Lowy. In March, Disney announced a partnership with Disney to offer live TV through a new service, and Lowy said Wednesday that his company is talking to all the networks that it also carries over its traditional satellite service about licensing their content for the new venture. Dish is currently constructing technical infrastructure to support the launch of the new service, which will initially run on Dish's existing architecture, eventually migrating to an all-IP infrastructure, Lowy said. From

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