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Dish Network Satellite TV Service Dish Network has a smaller subscriber base in comparison to DirecTV, with only 13 million subscribers, but is one of the oldest and fastest growing satellite television providers in America. Since Dish Network is competing with DirecTV, you’ll find that they offer a lot of free services in addition to their channel packages. Dish Network offers a free four-room satellite receiver system that comes with free universal remotes. If you require receivers in more rooms, you can get them up to six rooms of your home. You’ll alos receive a free satellite television dish, a free professional installation, plus personal instruction on how to use the system if you are unaware as to how to use it. The install will be done within 24 hours of you ordering and subscribing to the service, and usually takes an hour or two to do the complete installation. DVR You will also get a free dish network DVR (digital video recorder) receiver so you can record your favorite programs in advance and skip through all of the commercials. Their Hopper DVR allows you to fast forward the show you’re watching so you can bypass all the commercials, pause the show so you can get a drink or use the rest room, and rewind the show so you can view anything you may have missed. Finally, you will receive a free high definition receiver if the digital analog recorder receiver is not something that you are interested in. The Genie is the most advanced DVR/receiver in the industry, allowing you to record up to six programs at once, or record 5 programs while watching another program. Programming Dish Network offers subscribers the option to have up to 350 program channels that come with an all digital picture and all digital sound. Most channels are now being broadcast in HD so you’ll get a superior quality picture. You will be able to have access to all of your local channels with high definition and digital sound options. The basic subscription comes with 190+ channels, 35 music channels, a free digital video recorder and free high definition receivers up to six rooms. You will also receive HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz for free for the first three months of your subscription. In addition to this, you can have up to 60 pay-per-view channels per day with 75 new pay-per-view movies a month. You’ll also have access to streaming movies, TV shows, and video games. Streaming videos If you are a big movie buff then you can have up to 25,000 different streamed movies from Blockbuster Video and television shows with video and game rentals from Blockbuster as an option. There are more than 100 commercial free music channels, including 60 from Sirius XM Radio if you are a big music fan. If high definition is what you are looking for, then there are 200 high definition channels that include international channels and most game channels. There is customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a lifetime warranty on all of the Dish Network electronic components. The Bottom Line Dish Network offers the biggest variety of programming, and the most international channels. It has the most music channels, the most pay-per-view movies, and the most games. It also has the cheapest package of all the satellite and cable TV companies, and the most channels of the satellite and Cable TV companies. Their Hopper DVR is regarded as the most advanced DVR in the industry and all of their satellite equipment is state of the art. If you’re looking for the most variety of programming, the most streaming videos, the most pay-per- view movies, and the most advanced DVR, all at the cheapest price, then Dish Network is what you’re looking for. The Editors

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Bitcoin took another step toward mainstream recognition as satellite- TV provider Dish Network Corp. DISH +0.41%  will become the largest company yet known to accept payments in the digital currency. The move shows the resilience of the currency after a string of scandals and regulatory actions raised doubts about bitcoin's future. The collapse of a major trading exchange helped lead bitcoin to lose two-thirds of its value in four months, but its price has rallied 27% over the past week. Coindesk's Bitcoin Price Index was quoted at $565.55 at late afternoon in New York. With $13.9 billion in revenue last year, Dish is the largest in an expanding list of consumer businesses to say they are accepting bitcoin. Dish said it will accept bitcoin starting in the third quarter. From The Wall Street Journal

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