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DirecTV Satellite TV Service There are two major satellite television service providers in America, the largest being DirecTV which has over 35 million subscribers to its 285+ channel service. DirecTV offers a wide variety of programming that suits every type of personality regardless of whether you’re a movie buff, a sports fanatic, or a family with children. DirecTV offers movies, sports, music, family channels, weather, news, streaming videos, special interest shows and even television series.  Special interest shows include channels such as National Geographic, Animal Planet, The Home Shopping Network, QVC, The Weather Channel, BBC America, and The History Channel.  DirecTV’s wide variety of programs are spread out across six different packages that can be chosen depending on what type of television watcher you are.   Packages DirecTV’s entertainment package has 140 satellite channels that includes three months of HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz. These can be added onto your package after the three months runs out if you find that you enjoyed them and would like to keep them.  In addition to this, the package also comes with 57 Sonic Tap music channels for your listening pleasure. The Choice package comes with 150 satellite channels that includes the three months of HBO, etc and the 57 Sonic Tap Music Channels. But on top of this, it also comes with Free NFL Sunday Ticket for one year.  The Xtra Package comes with 205 satellite channels, the above mentioned as well as 78 Sonic Tap Music Channels. The Ultimate Packages comes with the above mentioned, with 78 Sonic Tap music channels and 255 satellite channels. The Premier package comes with the above mentioned, but with 84 Sonic Tap music channels and 285 satellite channels.  In addition to these packages, one can also buy premium program packages which include the: Movie, Sports, and Spanish Language, International and Adult packages. DVR DirecTV also offers The Genie which is DirecTV’s DVR receiver that allows up to five programs to be recorded at the same time, or you can watch on live program while you’re recording two other programs. Two different shows can be watched at the same time with the picture in picture feature, and the Genie offers 1,000 hours of standard programming. The Genie can also connect with up to four mini Genies, so that the family can watch and record television programs on four different televisions throughout the home.  DirecTV also offers On Demand movies and television shows through their On Demand service and has tablet compatibility. You can watch live television on your tablet, computer, or IPhone, watch all of your previously recorded shows and even activate the Genie recording feature.  Once you subscribe, your installation will happen within 24 hours and you’ll receive a satellite dish, a Genie DVR receiver, universal remote controls,  and up to four mini Genies with remotes. Bottom Line Directv has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among all satellite TV and cable TV providers, and is one of the most reliable TV providers in the U.S. Their customer support is second to none. The Genie receiver with the mini Genies allows you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV shows, plus you can record up to 5 shows at one time or watch one live show while recording 4 others. No other DVR recording device in the industry lets you do that. DirecTV has the most sports packages of the two major satellite TV providers including the ever popular NFL Sunday Ticket. They also offer thousands of streaming videos on demand for you viewing pleasure. If you’re looking for a reliable satellite TV subscription service that offers more channels than you could possibly use, with excellent customer support and the latest state-of-the art equipment, then DirecTV may be just the ticket. The Editors

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Major telecoms are gearing up for a year of mergers, and AT&T laid out its case this week. It says that the merger with DirecTV would drive down the price of cable bundles and allow both companies to compete with the potential Comcast/Time Warner Cable behemoth. Though Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable has dominated headlines this year, it isn’t the only major telecommunications merger the Federal Communications Commission is facing. Last month AT&T announced a plan to buy DirecTV for $48.5 billion. Obviously, one of the nation’s largest telecom companies purchasing a major satellite TV company has regulators concerned, and the FCC and Department of Justice are currently taking a look at the deal. This week AT&T laid out why the merger would be good for the American consumer, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lingering questions. From The Christian Science Monitor

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